Management Team

Our core values maintain that every team member is an integral part of our company. We do not believe in using titles such as "President" or "CEO". We all bring different talents, skill sets, and experiences to our team. No team member is more important than the other.


Kelly Scott Executive Product Manager / Co-Founder

Kelly has over 15 years of experience in different positions within software development. She is highly regarded for her attention to detail in every aspect of her job. Kelly understands all aspects of the software life cycle and has spent a great deal of her career in Quality Assurance and Software Validation and Verification.

Kelly has also held positions in leading successful teams as the Technical Project Leader. She worked for Qualcomm on various projects as a consultant for many years. Kelly is extremely multifaceted and has worked in several industries within the software realm. Some of the industries that she has worked in include Superior Court, Juvenile Hall, Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning, Transportation, Telecommunications, and Satellite Simulation.

Software Tester
Nancy Stroud Principal Full Stack Engineer / Co-Founder

Nancy is a very experienced and talented web designer and software developer. She has over 15 years of experience developing software solutions as a business analyst, web designer, and software developer.

Nancy excels at interacting with the customer and is constantly praised for her ability to explain technically complex ideas and solutions to the customer. Nancy has worked for several High Tech companies during her career and she is highly technical and very versatile.

Website Developer