Software Implementation

Many customers buy software packages or solutions but do not have the ability to implement the software correctly or effectively. We provide the analysis, expertise and find the right solution for an efficient software implementation.

We will send in an expert to your business to analyze your processes and suggest changes to your current business process.

Implement software solutions

Develop business applications

Software Development

We have expertise in many business applications. We can design and develop custom software to fit your business needs.

If you need your current software enhanced, we will analyze your current software and proposed enhancements. We will then design, code, implement and integrate the software into your current system/application.

Software Testing

Customers realize that their software is not working correctly but cannot quantify the problem. We provide software testing to help identify potential problems or bugs in the software.

Customers find that they need updates or bug fixes to their existing software. We provide this service to your existing software, granted we have access to the software code. In addition, we provide extensive software testing for the software solutions we have provided to you.

Software Testing

Corporate and group training

Client Training

We provide software or process improvement-training classes. This service can be for existing software packages and/or software we wrote. Client Training is usually required when we have assessed your business practices and have found that process improvement is required to streamline your business processes. We can train employees in a group or in a more personalized setting. It is based on the needs of the company and/or employees.